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Engineering Fail: A True Story

Recently, I was in a metropolitan airport bathroom and the Black woman standing next to me couldn’t get any soap out of the automatic soap dispenser. Turns out the sensor couldn’t detect darker skin tones.I’m sorry. Did I miss something – or are we still living in the age of Atari?This brief & horrifying story affirms my belief that the world is ready for a new style of engineering leadership – one that works for all.

Here’s the good news.

Inclusive Teams Create Products That

Sell Better & Change the World

Discover a New Style of Engineering Leadership

In my work, I show engineering leaders how to get more great work out of their teams while radically increasing their happiness and innovative ideation.I’ll show you how to blend technical excellence with an inclusive, empathetic leadership style that will accelerate your career, codify your team, and amplify your impact.

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Benefits of Empathy & Inclusion, When Blended with Technical Excellence

Develop products that work for more diverse populations by leveraging the diversity of the engineering team itself

Build a culture of psychological safety where more ideas are shared and creative tension brings forth more innovation

Uncover unfair business practices that are causing discontent and turnover among top performers

Elevate motivation, morale, and productivity, as team members feel heard, understood, and technically challenged

Create team synergy and cohesion, resulting in greater loyalty and higher levels of happiness and engagement

Build on a foundation of trust, so you can offer more direct, helpful feedback to up-level the quality of each person’s work

So how do we get there?

Enter the

Empathy in Tech Framework

A Game changer for Engineering Leaders in Tech(fraught with gaming analogies to amp up the fun factor)

Phase 1Player One:Ready

Effective & Fair Management Principles & Practices

As a leader, you’re “Player One”. It all starts with you. Let’s make sure you’re fully equipped to lead a diverse team, so you can win in business by winning with your people.

Phase 2Multiplayer Mode:Activated


Let’s apply the management principles you learned in phase 1 to build  a culture so equitable, fair, and inclusive, everyone wants to work for you.

Pillar 3Theorycraft:In Full Effect

Make DEI aBusiness SuccessMetric

Let’s systemize what we know it takes to create a winning culture: diversity, psychological safety, and fair business practices. When tied to profit, these metrics ensure we all win.

Choose your own adventure.

Which one best describes you?

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