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Jossie Haines
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Former VP of Engineering at Tile

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Being a woman leader is hard.

Being a woman leader in tech is harder.

After all, over 50% of women leave tech by the Age of 35.


  • Feeling unheard
  • Unfair treatment
  • Poor work-life balance
  • Unequal pay
  • Being passed up for promotions

For whatever reason, the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

As the Former VP of Tile, hailing from a long line of innovative, large-scale consumer technology companies, I’ve directed, led, and managed thousands of technical folks, and here’s what I know:

We need women in tech, and there’s a way for us to win too.

“I know firsthand the power, growth, and success that come from coaching when you’re a woman leader in tech.

That’s why I’ve broken away from my beloved corporate career path to coach, advise, and inspire women in tech to stay, thrive, and shape the future of our modern world.

Meet Jossie Haines

  Former VP of Tile, Award-Winning Executive Coach

My network jokes that I know just about everyone in tech.

While I haven’t quite met everyone, I do enjoy being a connector. I’m probably most well known for my passion for DE&I advocacy but my technical background is extensive:

  • 20+ Years in Engineering; over a decade in leadership
  • Technical Emmy Award-Winner for leading the team that developed contextual voice navigation in Siri to discover and interact with Apple TV content
  • Designed and implemented products & services for 14M active daily users
  • Experienced in growing and scaling large global engineering teams
  • Directed mobile, backend, web, windows, and firmware engineering teams throughout the creation and launch of Tile location-finding solutions to millions of consumers
  • Products I’ve helped develop: Tile, HP Elite Dragonfly, Siri Music, Apple HomePod, Apple TV, Zynga’s FarmVille, ChefVille, and CAFE WORLD, & dozens more
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The Awakened Leadership System Is Leading Women In Tech To More:


So what’s different about Awakened Leadership?

I designed the Awakened Leadership System as your unique roadmap for excelling in tech.

It draws from my own rollercoaster ride of leading engineering teams at iconic companies, and now, as an executive coach focused on helping women like you.

  1. Unlocks the individual’s innate “recipe for fulfillment” that combines true personal happiness and professional performance
  2. Focuses on building and leveraging a network around the individual rather than solely limiting performance to personal efforts
  3. Refines the “personal success habits” that separate the elite executives from the average ones, from empathy to intuition to time management
  4. Empowers women to embody authentic leadership in highly technical and male-dominated industries, making allies out of enemies and supporters out of opponents
  5. Includes developing mastery in the executive skills required to lead large-scale, dynamic projects in international markets

Shed the Patterns that are Holding You Back and
Master the Skills You Need to Thrive in Tech

For Individuals

Play to Win
with Awakened

  • Clarify Your Career Vision
  • Increase Productivity
  • Achieve Work-Life Balance
  • Design Your Authentic Leadership Style
  • Up-Level Your Communication Skills
  • Master Strategic Decision Making
  • Elevate Your Executive Presence
  • Navigate Tricky Situations
  • Drive Change Across Your Org.
  • Win Promotions & Higher Pay

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