Introducing a New Leadership Style for the Tech Industry

Corporate Advising ᐧ Speaking

Tech is a magical industry … for most people.

For an industry that’s responsible for literally building the future,
we still have some pretty outdated thinking to address.

A Few Astounding Stats to Reflect on

  • 56% of women leave the tech industry after 10 – 20 years, with the #1 cited reason being “unfair business practices”
  • 37% of people in tech leave yearly due to inequity when 57% of those people would have stayed if their companies had addressed their concerns
  • This amounts to a loss of $16B annually when you consider the average cost to replace a tech employee is $144,000 – and that’s low for executives, which often cost 213% of their salary!
  • Only 20% of teams in tech work to their full potential

What in the world can be done?

Enter the

Empathy In Tech Framework

A Game changer in Engineering Leaders in Tech
(fraught with gaming analogies to amp up the fun factor)

Phase 1
Player One:

Effective & Fair Management Principles & Practices

As a leader, you’re “Player One”. It all starts with you. Let’s make sure you’re fully equipped to lead a diverse team, so you can win in business by winning with your people.

Phase 2
Multiplayer Mode:


Let’s apply the management principles you learned in phase 1 to build  a culture so equitable, fair, and inclusive, everyone wants to work for you.

Pillar 3
In Full Effect

Make DEI a
Business Success

Let’s systemize what we know it takes to create a winning culture: diversity, psychological safety, and fair business practices. When tied to profit, these metrics ensure we all win.


I coach and advise
engineering leaders
around the world
to use the framework.

There are a variety of ways to learn it & incorporate it into the fabric of your company

corporate keynotes

Corporate Keynotes

Hire me to deliver research-based, inspiring talks to unite your team and create curiosity within your organization as to how each individual can contribute to a more equitable, inclusive culture, driving innovation, productivity, and happiness.

live workshops

Live Workshops

Create a space for stimulating conversation and eye-opening discussion on the topics of inclusive culture building and retaining a diverse team of A-players. Attendees will walk away with action steps and exploratory ideas to keep the learning in motion.



I offer 1:1 and group coaching to empower engineering leaders to build inclusive high-performing teams. You will work with me directly to ensure any specific personal challenges and goals are being addressed.coaching is the coolest!


Technical Advisory

Bring me onto your team as a Fractional CTO, an Executive Advisor, or a technical expert to support the development and launch of your products. From goal setting to roadmap creation to culture building, every role is important.

Sample Workshops for Progressives in Tech

Empowering Leaders to Build Inclusive and Diverse Teams

Learn the Empathy in Tech Framework, including how to build an Inclusive Culture, how to implement effective and fair management practices, and why diverse workplaces outperform their less diverse counterparts

Retaining Women in Tech

Female leaders are lonely at the top. This workshop focuses on the 3 key skills women can develop to engage their male allies in creating a more equitable industry, opening doors, and shielding them from “death by a thousand paper cuts.”

Inclusive Hiring Best Practices

Discover how to create a more inclusive, diverse team, and finally find out where all the engineers of diverse backgrounds are “hiding”! Learn how to increase the diversity of your hiring pipeline and create a more inclusive evaluation process.

Need something bespoke for your organization?

Everything I do is highly tailored and personalized to your organization’s culture, priorities, and goals. Original keynotes, workshops, and group coaching experiences can be developed by request.

No matter your interest, our first step is always a brief call to get to know each other!

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