Become an Awakened Leader

Shed the Old Models of Success, Lead the Future of Tech, & Architect a Career that Rewards You Now

Executive Coaching for Women in Tech Leadership

What’s an Awakened Leader?

We’ve all been sold a narrative:

Hustle and grind for 40+ years
Build a cookie-cutter life
Dream about retirement

And here’s where it gets really good.

“Reap the rewards you’ve worked your life away to build… when you’re 65. As a woman, you’re not successful unless you have it all and do it all, and the key to more happiness is more money and more accolades…”

Sound about right?

The Awakened Leader knows better and builds a career by her own design – one that makes the impact she is here to make – where every day is both challenging and joyful.

“I’ve unlearned certain leadership habits and adapted to new organizational cultures, all with Jossie’s unwavering support and guidance. I can’t recommend her enough.

Working with Jossie has been nothing short of a transformational journey. Before our sessions, I was grappling with the dual challenges of a demanding leadership role and parenting two young children. I constantly felt like I was running on empty, pushing myself to the brink both at work and home, leading to frequent burnouts. But with Jossie’s guidance, I’ve transitioned to a principle-driven approach, focusing on strategy and self-prioritization.

I’ve learned to navigate my professional challenges with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. What sets Jossie apart is her unique blend of humility, curiosity, and genuine support. She has an innate ability to challenge assumptions, offers diverse perspectives, and address a myriad of issues, from people-centric problems to technical and organizational challenges.

One of the most surprising outcomes of our sessions has been the ‘Law of Compounding’. While each session felt like a small step forward, the cumulative effect over time has been profound.”
Vi Iyengar
Head of Machine Learning, NETFLIX

Promotions. Pay. Recognition.

We can get you more of those –
but also, what is it that really brings you joy?

Here are some things to consider:

Defining What Matters to You

High-achieving women in tech often sprint from one goal to another, not fully realizing that they are chasing someone else’s idea of success. Defining yours is what matters.

Pursuing Clarity + Purpose

More money and more promotions are awesome but they won’t ensure you feel inspired, powerful, and joyful. That tends to come from living and working in alignment with what matters most to you & how you’re authentically wired.

Working in Sustainable Ways

Putting yourself on the back burner to prioritize your company’s objectives will only work for so long. Extraordinary leaders know that self-preservation isn’t selfish. It’s strategic.

Mastering Time Management

Feeling shackled to your to-do list is a recipe for average products and average leadership. As women in tech, we have to take back our time and make space for personal pursuits.

Surrounding Yourself with Support

Doing it all yourself is code for “a lack of leadership skills.” We’re stronger when we surround ourselves with mentors, colleagues, and contributors who champion our goals.

Elevating Emotional Intelligence

It’s no secret women in tech have to walk the aggressive/assertive tightrope. Luckily, there’s a third option: clarity, diplomacy, and empathy garner respect & support.

Cultivating Authentic Leadership

Our traditionally male-dominated industry can leave you feeling like there’s only one successful style of leadership. Discover your leadership DNA for natural influence.

Managing Large-Scale, Dynamic Projects

Women in tech have to navigate complex team dynamics, tech challenges, and of course, glass ceilings and biases. Awakened Leadership makes it all feel like you’re playing a game you can win.

Assuming Your Place at the Executive Table

Ascending to the C-suite requires a different set of skills that impact the organization at the highest level. Honing them will give you confidence and peace of mind for the journey.

“I was promoted to Director in less than a year.”

“I started working with Jossie as soon as I was promoted to Engineering Manager. I had managed before, quite a lot actually, but never quite as this level with these types of engineers. One of my primary concerns was the jump from tactical to strategic thinking.

When I had found out Jossie had been assigned as my coach, I was thrilled! As I also work in the IoT space, all of her experience was 100% directly related to mine. Jossie has helped me to work through multiple diverse situations, and helped uncover my blind spots and triggers. 

She is always extremely kind and non-judgmental, and has a myriad of resources on every topic we discuss. I very much look forward to my coaching sessions with her, and leave the sessions spinning with ideas and energy.”
Cathy McBride
Director of Engineering, Breville
Jossie Haines portrait

Uncompromised Values.
Unbelievable Results.
Unparalleled Joy.

Here are a few of the wins you can expect in working with me.

live workshops

Advance Your Career

  • Get promoted
  • Negotiate higher pay
  • Win elite opportunities
corporate keynotes

Build High-Performance Teams

  • Scale your team
  • Champion inclusivity
  • Retain Top Employees
coaching thumb3

Become More Influential

  • Get executive buy-in
  • Build a powerful network
  • Establish thought leadership
coaching thumb4

Find What Brings You Joy

  • Clarify your purpose
  • Have more fun
  • Be more authentic
coaching thumb5

Hit Company Success Metrics

  • Increase technical throughput
  • Build better products
  • Impact the world

“Taking the decision to have you as my coach in the beginning of the year was the most important decision I have made.”

“I was fighting with many of my saboteurs, I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Your coaching has become the catalyst for changing my mindset on how I see myself. It really made me aware of traps and learned to deal with compassion. It is true, to show yourself confident outside, you need to be confident inside first.

As I am writing this, while I am feeling more excited and hopeful towards tomorrow and I am certainly enjoying today, I am laughing more and I am intentional in my actions. I would love to follow your advice in my journey and I have no doubt it will show me the steps if I get blocked.”
Madhuri Gore
Senior Director of Engineering

What’s different about coaching with Jossie?

With over a decade as an engineering leader, innovating products that have reached billions of people, Jossie knows how to lead large teams to build great products. She also recognizes the uphill battle women in tech have when pursuing leadership roles.

Jossie blends technical excellence, time-tested leadership fundamentals, and inclusive culture building, along with the research-supported superpowers of intuition, empathy, and collaboration to bring you the Awakened Leadership System.

Why Does Private Coaching Work?

Experienced Sounding Board

A coach with technical excellence and leadership mastery can elevate your self-awareness and offer unbiased insights on strategic decisions

Proven, Research- Supported Tools

The assessments we offer get to the heart of challenges lightning fast and are validated by science, offering a clear path forward

Tailored, Executive Skill Development

Mastering confidence and competence in critical executive functions cuts years off your learning curve & supports faster results

It’s lonely at the top for women leaders in tech.

Having a trusted confidant is crucial for your success path and your sanity!

 Sometimes, we can muscle through but remember, your energy, happiness, and clarity are truly your own greatest assets. 
Invest in those and the rest will fall into place.

If you like kind, direct, nonjudgmental feedback,
along with concrete insights, strategies,
and action plans, you’ll love my coaching style.

Coaching Call

Women leaders in tech are often quite practical. We like to measure our progress. You’ll find I enjoy translating insights into actions you can implement right away.

When you hire me as your executive coach, you’ll have a trusted confidant and resource by your side, someone who’s “been there”, to empathize and strategize with you.

I’ll offer Executive Coaching, Technical Advisory, and an Accountability Partnership to support you in reaching your goals.

“Working with Jossie has taken me to the next level in my leadership skills”

“As a woman in tech I’ve gotten my fair share of feedback that simply isn’t actionable or helpful. In each of our sessions I’ve received direct, thoughtful, objective, and actionable feedback towards my success.

Jossie has a high bar of excellence in her work and she has been an accountability partner for me in setting a high bar for myself. Jossie manages to beautifully balance giving no nonsense feedback and guidance while being extremely empathetic and understanding.”
Lou Collins
Head of Engineering

All The Details:
Tech Luminary Executive Coaching

Leveling Up Your Leadership Genius

6-Month 1:1 Coaching Package Includes:

  • Strengths Assessment: Discover your top 5 strengths that make you an extraordinary leader.
  • Saboteur Assessment: Uncover the hidden saboteurs that could be holding you back.
  • Thriving as a Women Leader in Tech Assessment: Based on my signature 8-key framework, we’ll evaluate how you’re doing in areas like Clarity and Purpose, Time Management, Authentic Leadership, and more.
  • Leveraging insights from the assessments, we’ll craft a targeted development plan focusing on areas that will bring you the most growth and fulfillment.
  • We’ll deep-dive into your personalized action plan, turning your leadership aspirations into reality.
  • Got questions between sessions? I’m here for you!
  • Elevate your mental fitness with this transformative program. Strengthen three critical mental muscles to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs to your inner Sage. This is not just another program; it’s a game-changer in mastering self-leadership and resilience. Learn More

I truly hold space for my clients and to be able to do that fully, I take on very few. You’ll have my undivided attention throughout our coaching engagement.


$1997 per month
$11,980 paid in full
(pay in full bonus of 2 additional 30-minute laser coaching calls)

Ready to see how coaching can benefit you?

Book a FREE 45-minute strategy call with me and we can chat about whether or not coaching with me is exactly what you need to make your dreams a reality.

P.S. Who should pay for this?

For C-Suite, VPs, & Directors

Executive Coaching is usually paid for out-of-pocket since the investment is recouped via promotions, salary increases, bonuses, and other perks that come from improving team performance.

For Managers+

Executive Coaching is often an out-of-pocket expense but may sometimes be covered by your company’s L&D, HR, or professional development budget, since the company is vested in developing your skills at the earlier stages of your career.

During our initial consultation, I can provide you with several free resources to advocate for yourself in securing a corporate stipend to cover the cost of your coaching investment, should finances be a hurdle for you! Simply mention this during our strategy call.

Book a free 45-minute strategy call to learn more!