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“Ever since I got my first Commodore 64, my heart’s belonged to all things futuristic and tech-inspired. True to engineering ethos, I’m a total geek with a love for video games (hence my gaming-inspired brand), LEGO®, and my two dogs Coco and Astro.”

And this is where I say a lot of things about my engineering chops to impress you.

(Official Bio, in 3rd person so as not to seem self-absorbed)

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The truth is…I almost left engineering for good.

After my 2-year stint at Apple, I was burned out – and not just because of the rigorous engineering culture. I could have handled that. I was tired of what I call “death by a thousand paper cuts” – all the micro-missteps that many women in engineering face on a daily basis:

  • Unprofessional comments about physical appearance
  • Accepting unequal pay
  • Being assumed to be a non-technical team member
  • Receiving less technical feedback than our male counterparts
  • Being spoken over
  • Being bypassed for well-deserved raises and promotions
  • Having ideas appropriated
  • Gaslighting about sexual misconduct
  • Not being invited to corporate social gatherings
  • Battling unconscious bias
  • Having to advocate for equity
  • Being left out of meetings
  • Needing to outwork colleagues due to gender inequities
  • Having opinions dismissed

Engineering leadership was tough already but this was exhausting! So I left, never to return again… or so I thought.

After a brief rest, I thought, “I have to go back in.”

I knew if I walked away,
I’d lose the ability to impact the future.

I want to create a world where technology solves real-world problems AND takes into account the needs of women and underrepresented minorities.

We’ll need women, men, and people of all genders to make it happen!


Here are a few of my technical accolades.

  • 20+ Years in Engineering; over a decade in leadership
  • Technical Emmy Award-Winner for leading the team that developed contextual voice navigation in Siri to discover and interact with Apple TV content
  • Designed and implemented products & services for 14M active daily users
  • Experienced in growing and scaling large global engineering teams
  • Directed mobile, backend, web, windows, and firmware engineering teams throughout the creation and launch of Tile location-finding solutions to millions of consumers
  • Products I’ve helped develop: Tile, HP Elite Dragonfly, Siri Music, Apple HomePod, Apple TV, Zynga’s FarmVille, ChefVille, and CAFE WORLD, & dozens more


I like to win things.

  • Finalist 2021 WomenTechNetwork Speaker of the Year
  • Nominee Mogul Top DEI Leaders 2021
  • Engineering Champion of the Year           – Power to Fly 2021 D&I Award Show
  • Nominee eWow 2021 Global Awards for Leadership
  • WomenImpactTech 2023 Women of Impact Honoree

Trusted By

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My Approach

My approach is practical, kind, non-judgmental, and action-oriented.

1) You’ll receive what I call “loving accountability.” 

This means that we’ll have the hard conversations and you’ll receive direct feedback but always with a kind, non-judgmental attitude. Coaching is about growth and growth can be uncomfortable. That’s why you need someone in your corner who helps you go there with empathy.

2) I coach the whole human.

You know, work and life are intertwined and virtually inseparable. Therefore, no topic is “off the table” during our sessions. I had a client who recently improved the relationship with her mother immensely through our work together, and while it wasn’t our main focus, it was a beautiful added benefit that has enriched the client’s life immensely.

3) I focus on action.

Mindset is truly the golden key but without action, I find it’s not all that useful. We can read incredible books but without implementation, those good ideas don’t impact others. So our focus will be the practical insights that move the needle and get you feeling and performing better, so you can:

  • Retain your talent
  • Improve engagement and morale
  • Do more effective project planning
  • Launch and build things on time 
  • Communicate technical concepts to non-technical folks
  • Lead with empathy 
  • Manage yourself more effectively 
  • Keep yourself from burning out 
  • Advance your career
  • Build inclusive teams

Ways to Work with Me

For Individuals

Play to Win
with Awakened Leadership

  • Clarify Your Career Vision
  • Increase Productivity
  • Achieve Work-Life Balance
  • Design Your Authentic Leadership Style
  • Up-Level Your Communication Skills
  • Master Strategic Decision Making
  • Elevate Your Executive Presence
  • Navigate Tricky Situations
  • Drive Change Across Your Org.
  • Win Promotions & Higher Pay

For Tech Companies

Hire me to Advise, Speak,
& Develop Your Key Leaders

  • Corporate Keynotes
  • Topic-Specific Workshops
  • Technical Advisory
  • Group Coaching for Leaders
  • Accelerate Growth
  • Build an Inclusive Culture
  • Retain A-Players
  • Optimize Performance
  • Improve Team Morale
  • Discover Awakened Leadership

Ways to Work with Me

corporate keynotes

Corporate Keynotes

Hire me to deliver research-based, inspiring talks to unite your team and create curiosity within your organization as to how each individual can contribute to a more equitable, inclusive culture, driving innovation, productivity, and happiness.

live workshops

Live Workshops

Create a space for stimulating conversation and eye-opening discussion on the topics of inclusive culture building and retaining a diverse team of A-players. Attendees will walk away with action steps and exploratory ideas to keep the learning in motion.



I offer 1:1 and group coaching to empower engineering leaders to build inclusive high-performing teams. You will work with me directly to ensure any specific personal challenges and goals are being addressed. Coaching is the coolest!


Technical Advisory

Bring me onto your team as a Fractional CTO, an Executive Advisor, or a technical expert to support the development and launch of your products. From goal setting to roadmap creation to culture building, every role is important.

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