What Clients Say

Coaching Clients

“Working with Jossie has been nothing short of a transformational journey. Before our sessions, I was grappling with the dual challenges of a demanding leadership role and parenting two young children. I constantly felt like I was running on empty, pushing myself to the brink both at work and home, leading to frequent burnouts. But with Jossie’s guidance, I’ve transitioned to a principle-driven approach, focusing on strategy and self-prioritization.
I’ve learned to navigate my professional challenges with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. What sets Jossie apart is her unique blend of humility, curiosity, and genuine support. She has an innate ability to challenge assumptions, offers diverse perspectives, and address a myriad of issues, from people-centric problems to technical and organizational challenges.
One of the most surprising outcomes of our sessions has been the ‘Law of Compounding’. While each session felt like a small step forward, the cumulative effect over time has been profound. I’ve unlearned certain leadership habits and adapted to new organizational cultures, all with Jossie’s unwavering support and guidance. I can’t recommend her enough.”
Vi Iyengar
Head of Machine Learning, Netflix
“Taking the decision to have you as my coach in the beginning of the year was the most important decision I have made. I was fighting with many of my saboteurs, I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Your coaching has become the catalyst for changing my mindset on how I see myself. It really made me aware of traps and learned to deal with compassion. It is true, to show yourself confident outside, you need to be confident inside first. As I am writing this, while I am feeling more excited and hopeful towards tomorrow and I am certainly enjoying today, I am laughing more and I am intentional in my actions. I would love to follow your advice in my journey and I have no doubt it will show me the steps if I get blocked.”
Madhuri Gore
Senior Director of Engineering, Salesforce
“I started working with Jossie as soon as I was promoted to Engineering Manager. I had managed before, quite a lot actually, but never quite as this level with these types of engineers. One of my primary concerns was the jump from tactical to strategic thinking.
When I had found out Jossie had been assigned as my coach, I was thrilled! As I also work in the IoT space, all of her experience was 100% directly related to mine. Jossie has helped me to work through multiple diverse situations, and helped uncover my blind spots and triggers. 
She is always extremely kind and non-judgmental, and has a myriad of resources on every topic we discuss. I very much look forward to my coaching sessions with her, and leave the sessions spinning with ideas and energy.”
Cathy McBride
Director of Engineering, Breville
“Working with Jossie has taken me to the next level in my leadership skills. As a woman in tech I’ve gotten my fair share of feedback that simply isn’t actionable or helpful. In each of our sessions I’ve received direct, thoughtful, objective, and actionable feedback towards my success. Jossie has a high bar of excellence in her work and she has been an accountability partner for me in setting a high bar for myself. Jossie manages to beautifully balance giving no nonsense feedback and guidance while being extremely empathetic and understanding.”
Lou Collins
Head of Engineering, Wrapbook
“Jossie was invaluable in my career growth and I feel blessed I got the chance to work under her. Jossie has this talent empathetically providing brutally honest advice which will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Jossie really does invest in you because she truly cares and her insights have helped me get to create a venture-backed startup. Jossie’s influence and work ethic never cease to amaze me. Her influence stretched further than the C-level suite. Her impact on organizations went far beyond her role. She helped shape a culture people loved working at keeping retention high and growing several business units leading to an acquisition. Jossie is truly one-of-a-kind and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not connect with her.”
Jason Sujjon
Co-Founder at Buildingswell
“Jossie is a true champion within the DEI space and was an amazingly thought-provoking speaker during Mogul’s International ERG Day celebration in 2021. We loved having her involved and our audience was captivated by the insights she shared!”
Chelsea Harris
Head of Global Experiential Marketing At Mogul
“Jossie’s mission is to keep women in tech, and she lives this mission every single day. She has become a strong advocate for retaining women in tech; one of the ways to keep them in tech is by creating more diversity and inclusion in tech companies. She was a speaker at a recent panel hosted by Divhersity. In that talk, she helped educate the audience about how to advocate for DEI within their organizations. She also provided real-talk solutions on how to overcome barriers we all face, both as women in tech and advocates for DEI. Her subject matter expertise and passion for DEI is inspiring!”
Nidhi Gupta
CEO and Co-Founder of Divhersity
“Jossie has been an absolute pleasure to work with for Mogul events centered on DEI in the workplace, particularly in tech. Her expertise in all things DEI mixed with her experience as an engineering leader provides valuable insights that are unmatched! Jossie is not only super knowledgeable about DEI, but passionate as is apparent in all she does to move the needle for women in tech. I would highly recommend Jossie to lead your next DEI session, or to help you build out inclusive engineering and technical teams at your company.”
Jen Durkee
Sr. Manager, Global Community Engagement at Mogul

Retreat Participants

Based on a previous retreat I had been at, I was coming thinking there would be more structure – more back to back to back activities. But this retreat feels a lot more spacious. There were definitely some core integral activities and these things like that. But there was a lot going on that wasn’t necessarily part of our [formal] agenda.
My biggest takeaway would be to be more protective of my time and energy. Also Boundaries – that is definitely a big one for me. The connection made here is another.
Twyla Kowalchuk

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